Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 20

Moments later, the five vehicles arrive in front of the imperial box thus ending the Infernal Circuit.

I am happy about your success, Earthlings, now there is no obstacle for you to learn our technology.

I also want to congratulate you…

That honours you, First Technologist. I did not expect less from you.

And thus, the five Earthlings are able to take an accelerated course in the special school of higher automobile studies.

The time has now come to return to earth. But before that, the five young people find a way to repay their hosts for the knowledge they so selflessly provided.

Your collection would not be complete without these five CITRÖEN models.

You have been very generous in donating your vehicles to our automobile museum.

Their return to earth is made with the same ease as the trip to FUMO.

One of the first things the young people do upon their arrival is to meet with one of CITRÖEN's senior managers.

You won't believe us when we tell you our story...

But if you listen to us patiently and allow one of your engineers to be present in this interview, perhaps we can convince you that CITRÖEN will be able to build its cars with future technology.


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