Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 3

There is a civilization deep in our galaxy that has long been scrutinizing and carefully studying everything that happens on this, the third planet of the star that we know as our sun.

As it is a technological civilization perhaps it is not surprising that its attention is focused on the main means of locomotion on land: four-wheeled vehicles called automobiles.

This is the reason an exploration fleet has been sent towards the edge of the galaxy. Towards planet earth with a singular purpose.

Attention scout ships, attention! This is the Starship Admiral. The orders of the Great Custodian of Dynamics are very precise: collect samples of these strange transport vehicles while respecting the lives of their occupants.

Our electronic tracking eye has detected five of these vehicles in a region of the planet called Spain. Take extreme precautions since inexplicably they have two chevrons, the symbol of our empire… The coordinates for their exact location follow this transmission…

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