Spirou - The Dream Machine, Page 34

This man is dangerous!

…And it was with these exact words that the Minister of Justice announced this morning the largest nationwide man hunt mounted by the Police and armed forces.

The Ministry is expected to release more details in due course and we are still trying to ascertain what has provoked such a large scale mobilization…

…but it must be a significant threat to national security. What are your thoughts at this stage, Secretary General.

We're closing factories but the barracks are filling up. My party will be presenting a motion to…

Professor! What is your opinion as a psychiatrist?

It's obviously very difficult to say. He be suffering from a psychosis that varies between paranoia and schizophrenia. He must be feeling alone and alienated.

We've been waiting for over an hour for some news and, for the safety of my two children, I say it's time we took this pervert off the streets for good!

And now: Trash Shelter with their hit Running in the Night, good advice if you come across the wanted man in a dark alley, yo!

Need to get away? Escape to the sun.

They've released his picture so, I thought for our next ad campaign…

I love it! I want it on billboards all over the city and the suburbs. Check with the lawyers but is there any way we can get rid of the black strip?

This man is dangerous.


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