Spirou - The Dream Machine, Page 42

But?? Who?! Who am I?

A copy? A replicant? An android? They've not found any very interesting ways to describe their little miracle. They needed a model and I was right, well… we were right.

That's absurd! Why?! Everyone who's come near me has been trying to kill me!

Firstly to protect the secret. Secondly for reasons of National Security. And finally to protect the general population, that's generally the pretexts they use in these situations. In any case they don't think you exist. You are a machine. A machine that dreamed of life!

No! I'm alive! You're the grotesque copy! Stay away from me!

That's exactly what I would say. But it'll take some time to understand, you were born here a few days ago.

Memories, emotions, everything came from here.

I need some help… You too, you've come here to…

You need to disappear, there can only be one Spirou.

I hope I've chosen the right one!

Everything's ready, we can't hang around chatting!

Come on you. And take that bewildered look off your face or I'll change my mind.

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