Spirou - The Dream Machine, Page 45

No, there's not really any doubt…

No machine is capable of being that calculating and cold.

Whoever said that laughter was man's domain should have added cynicism, greed and contempt for life in general…

Science hasn't got anything to do with your moralizing, young man!

Progress marches on. It requires sacrifices!

What progress? The enormous profit that this invention will generate?

Naive fool! You'll pay dearly for all these losses. I'll break you! My lawyers will…

They'll be too busy, Professor Birth. Trying to explain why there are so many financial irregularities in your accounts.

Simmonds!? You insignificant little upstart! You've betrayed me! You're dismissed!

I work for The Ministry of Justice, this is a good chance to see if there is any in this country.

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