XIII - La BD Culte

Inspired by Robert Ludlam's Bourne Identity, XIII was first serialised in Spirou magazine in 1984. The creative team of Jean Van Hamme (writing) and William Vance (art) created one of the best selling bande dessinée that would continue for 23 years and 19 books. The initial plot arc spans five books and centres around XIII searching for his identity and his past, only to find himself confronting the "conspiracy of the XX".

  1. The Day Of The Black SunThe Day Of The Black Sun
    A man wakes up on a beach finding he has lost his memory and sets out on a search for his identity.
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  2. Where The Indian's GoingWhere The Indian's Going…
    Now with paid killers on his trail, XIII's search for his past points to Where The Indian's Going...
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  3. All The Tears Of HellAll The Tears of Hell
    With still more questions surrounding his identity, XIII is interred in the Plain Rock Asylum for a crime he didn't commit...
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    Wanted by the law and under a new identity, XIII attempts to rediscover his past as a member of the elite military unit SPADS.
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  5. Red AlertRed Alert
    Stranded in the jungle, XIII is unawre of - and unable to intervine in - the events that are unfolding in the corridors of power.
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  6. The InquestThe Inquest
    A journalist's research into "The XIII Mystery" uncovers some of the stories of other characters in the story. (Warning: Contains Spoilers)
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