XIII - Red Alert, Page 32

What's this all about, Calvin? Where are my usual secret service agents?

In time of war your personal security is handled by the military, Mr. President.

And, for the duration of this exercise, we are acting as if a war had been declared. Colonel McCall's SPADS unit has been detailed to provide the security for SSH1.

Oh… Well, OK then. Let's have this briefing of yours, General.

TOTAL RED ALERT follows a classic format, but on a much larger scale than usual. Our Marine divisions wearing red helmets and insignia have been nominated as the "invaders". They will mount both airborne and amphibious assaults at these strategic points, the exact locations of which have been kept secret…

Their objective is to seize these objectives, known only to the unit commanders. The rest of our forces will be instructed to prevent them from doing so.

I will fill you in on the details as the exercise progresses. It is now H-hour minus 45 seconds, Mr. President. And as Supreme Commander of our armed forces the honour of opening the hostilities is yours.

Hmm… The big red button, I suppose?

Yes, Mr. President. The signal will be simultaneously transmitted by satellite relays to both the "invaders" and the "defenders".



Fortunately this is only an exercise…

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