XIII - Red Alert, Page 35

Get out here, please. We'll take care of your car and chauffeur from here.

Off we go matey. The car park is on level A.

This way, Senator.

Bloody hell, Fly, those were SPADS. We've had it now!

Too late to back out now, Betty. Keep calm, there's very little chance that they will have recognised us.

Senator Walter Sheridan and three members of his staff: Mr. Jed Olsen, financial adviser. Colonel Amos, military adviser. And Miss Amy Bulltrop, Secretary.

It's OK, Sergeant. I'm opening the door.

Tell me, Captain, this lift doesn't go to the operations center does it…

The President is currently in his private quarters on level G, Senator. He wants you to join him there.

Ah? Very good.


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