XIII - Red Alert, Page 45

It will take at least two hours to sort this out, Sir. Unfortunately it seems certain that the President was killed in the explosion, along with Senator Sheridan, Colonel McCall and everyone else on the Level at the time.

Gentlemen, this is an unimaginable tragedy. It is proof for a conspiracy on a massive scale to destabilise the institutions of power in this country. We must get back to the operations room immediately.

General Standwell, please transit the order to all units that TOTAL RED ALERT has been cancelled. Declare a state of emergency and order them to take up positions accordingly.

A STATE OF EMERGENCY! Surely it should be up to The Vice President to declare?…

This act could only have been carried out with assistance at the highest levels, Gneneral. And as Minister of Defence and The President's personal friend it is imperative that I order the armed forces to take control until we know more about this odious conspiracy. Does anyone have any objections?

I have only the one, Mr Wax. You seem to have it all planned out but I think you are acting a little prematurely.


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