XIII - SPADS, Page 39

Is that you Lieutenant? Sorry, what with the heat I couldn't get … But I thought that you…

I've had to advance my departure time. But I didn't want to leave…

…without saying goodbye to you.


Interesting technique, Lieutenant. What do you use, cyanide?

It's just a matter of applying pressure in the right place. At least he'll have some pleasant dreams.

And we're off! By the time the alert has been raised we'll be somewhere safe.

If we can make it that far… Have you seen the fuel gauge?

WHAT!?.. The little prick! He's only given me a quarter tank.

I doubt that "little prick" was responsible. I reckon Mac Call has set us a jolly little trap that we've run straight into.

I don't mean to do your talents a disservice, Lieutenant, but he did a very bad job of knocking you out. And for a man with his background he let himself get surprised rather too easily, almost as if he wanted us to get away…

This way we were left with no real choice but to hightail it out of here in your chopper.

Why the… No, you're right. I'd have to agree that it was all rather too easy…

If that's the case do you suppose he's hidden a bomb in the back?

He sure did, doll. And I'm the bomb!

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