XIII - SPADS, Page 46

YIPEE, IT'S HELD! I think that you can take your teeth out of my leg now Sergeant!


The compete amnesia of our agent was yet another setback. Fly had absolutely no idea of his mission or the risks he was running. To further complicate matters you managed to find him before we could.

And I was by no means the first… there were the Mongoose's killers and that sleazy cop in Eastown managed to identify him…*

* See "The Day Of The Black Sun"

Yes… but he managed to give them all the slip. And when he finally came back to us of his own accord the only thing we could do was to convince him that he really was Steve Rowland and to risk sending him back to "his" family… We all know how that turned out.**

** See "Where The Indian Walks"

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