XIII - SPADS, Page 48

I've only got one hope left… Someone to whom I gave the mission of discovering the evidence we are missing… A man by the name of Jason Fly…


Is it the fact that I've been knocked out twice in six hours that you find so funny?

I'm laughing because I'm glad to be alive, Lieutenant. The fact that I'm alive and I finally know who I am, or rather: Who I am not.

And not only that… I'm alone with two gorgeous women on a magnificent, deserted beach 200 miles form the nearest habitation. Doesn't that sound pretty good?…

Obviously, we have no food, no water and only the clothes on our backs. Add to that we will have Colonel Mc Call after us as soon as he finds out that we aren't in the wreckage of the helicopter… But what do you want? Nothing's perfect!

Mac Call, the missing link that Carrington has been looking for. And Betty who is the proof. So when do you think the next bus will be along?

Because if we're walking it's going to take quite a while…

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