XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 10

The bullet that wounded you passed through the fibrous regions of the thalamus and the cerebral cortex damaging the limbic node, which is responsible for memory…

Add to all that, the shock and the emotional stress which has provoked a form of mental aphasia. As the stress eased during your convalescence you regained the use of your reflexes and, what I call, your collective memories…

Unfortunately the physical damage has not healed in the same way. This is where your personal memories were held.

And is the physical damage… Irreversible?

That's impossible to say, Alan. There are millions of cells in the brain that form an extremely complex structure which is still uncharted territory…

Maybe an accident or a shock, your memory may come back in one go or bit by bit. Or even not at all.

So I may never know? This bullet wound, this tattoo… Who am I, Martha. A cop? A gangster? A secret agent? A mercenary? Or just a tourist who was badly mugged? WHO AM I, FOR GOD'S SAKE!?

I must have some parents somewhere, possibly a wife and children waiting for me, friends who are worried, and there is nothing I can do. NOTHING! NOTHING!

Calm down, sweetheart.

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