XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 21

Of course you can take a look at our files, that's what they're there for. Missing for over two months you said?…

That's right. A Caucasian, about thirty, tall, brown hair…

In other words someone a bit like you?

If you will.

It would be a lot easier if you knew the name and address of your missing man. We keep missing persons reports from all 51 states here. That's quite a lot to search, believe me…

There are dozens of people who go missing every day in this country. Just like that, poof, vanished! It's as if they're vaporised by Martians. And Joe has all their details.

Joe, here, is our mainframe. We only keep full files, including photos, of people who go missing from Eastown itself. I can let you see them as well, if you want.

There you go. I have put in the dates for the period you mentioned. Can you manage from here?

I think so, yes. Thank you.

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