XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 26

If only I could find some letters, some personal documents, some photos, absolutely anything that could give me a lead…

Hands on your head, Shelton! And don't move!

I have to say that I'm impressed by your nerve, son. I knew you'd be back in Eastown sooner or later, but I din't think you'd just stroll right back in as if nothing had happened. Search him, Wayne.

Do I know you?

We know you, and that's what counts, isn't it? But let me introduce myself: Lieutenant Hemmings, 30 years of loyal and honest service with Eastown PD.

OK. So you're arresting me then.

Well obviously that's a possibility… That would get me a medal, a promotion and onto the front page of Wayne's rag. But a cop's pension isn't great and I've got an idea how you can assist my retirement.

Here's the deal: You give us the cash and we forget that we ever saw you. How does that sound?

My wallet's in my jacket pocket, but I think you're going to be disappointed.

Don't play silly games with me Shelton… Where's the cash you got for Black Sun?


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