XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 39

You're going to find this difficult to believe, Colonel, but I've been asking myself the same question. And I was seriously hoping that YOU would be able to give ME an answer….

Our discussion seems to have got off to a bad start, XIII.

OK, OK, all right. Jake Shelton, will that do?

I'm not interested in your aliases, I think I know them all by now. The things I am really interested in are your real name, where you are from and WHO paid you for Black Sun.

We've got off to a bad start here, Colonel.

I was shot in the head two months ago. I don't know who by as I've completely lost my memory. I've come to Eastown to try and find out who I am.

Lying bast…

Enough, Dave!

He wants to play dumb? Why not? We've got plenty of time. And we're going to use it to give him his memory back. Chester!… The projector, if you would…

The film you about to watch was shot exactly 3 months and 17 days ago, in a large southern town. It was shot by an amateur cameraman, who has since become a millionaire seling the footage to the world's TV stations.

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