XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 42

I… I just can't believe it. The doctor, who looked after me, said that my reflexes and instincts were still intact… I DON'T HAVE THE SOUL OF A KILLER!

Touching. And this?… Did you win at poker?


That?… That, I don't understand.

More than anything else, that tattoo is the proof. The other two had similar tattoos. You are one of the most intelligent and dangerous killers I have ever come across, XIII, but you were only the trigger finger…

It's the head of the conspiracy that I want. The man who organised this vile assassination, and, you are, without doubt, the only person in the world who can prove his guilt.

Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, Colonel Amos…

I can't help you anymore than I can defend myself. But if I really did commit this crime, I'll pay for it. All you have to do is hand me over to the law.

I don't think you've fully understood the situation…

I'm no more a policeman than a judge. The only brief I have is to find you and then to make you talk, XIII. USING ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!

But there's no point!

That depends on you. We'll see if your amnesia is any better tomorrow morning. Take him away!

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