XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 5

Ah, Martha…

Hello, Sally. As you can see I've been through the bottom of my drawers.

Hmmm… The sea water has cauterised the wound and he hasn't lost too much blood. And, fortunately for him, the bullet just grazed him and didn't shatter the skull.

The bullet!?

Sorry to spoil your lunch, Abe, but I'm going to need to use the table. I'm also going to need some scissors, a razor, lots of boiling water and a large pot of coffee.

I'll get those.


Are you… I mean… OK?…

Spit it out, Sally. You mean: Have I had several of my twenty daily whiskies yet?

Don't worry my dear. Your drowned man here has got few enough chances of surviving, but at least I'm usually still sober at this time of day.

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