XIII - The Day of The Black Sun, Page 7

Are you sure you don't want a whiskey?


It might surprise you to hear that I really don't want a whiskey right now. Have you found anything?

No. No wallet, not even any change…

Nothing but this. It was sewed into the collar of his shirt.

A yale key. Just like a million others.

There was also that strange tattoo… You must have noticed it…

Yes, I saw. A roman numeral XIII. But sailors have always liked their tattoos.

If he is a sailor… This bullet wound… Shouldn't we inform the police?

You know that we can't do that, Abe. Everyone knows that I've been struck off for alcoholism. What I did today is known as illegal practice.

What you did today is known as saving a man's life, Martha.

Has he come round?

Yes. He's still in shock, but he spoke to me, only…


Only, he can't even tell me his name. It seems that HE'S COMPLETELY LOST HIS MEMORY!!

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