XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 35


Well done, Matt!

We've only got a few minutes before your wife and son come down for dinner. Give me the pistol and I'll wipe off your prints.

I did it, Fel!

I finally killed the old man and it's the little bastard who'll take the rap. We're rich, my darling! Rich!

Sorry lover…

I am rich.

Poor fool.

Hello? Sheriff?

-- [36]

Come quickly… Steve has gone mad… He's killed my husband and his uncle… I knocked him out but I'm hurt… quick…

Mrs Rowland?..

What's happening? Don't hang… BEE… BEE… BEE…

Everybody in the cars! There's been a massacre at the Rowland estate!

Be brave, Felicity… 40,000 acres come on the tip of this bullet…

I've always said that war does things to a man's mind, especially those special forces types. His own father!

Colonel? you'd better come down here. It looks like something's happened…

-- [37]

Good God! What the…



David, I swear it wasn't me! David, listen to me!..


Let go of the boy and drop the gun, Rowland!


The house is surrounded, you don't have a chance. Drop the gun, Rowland!

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