XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 4

I'm afraid that Captain Rowland is deceased, Sir.

He was killed on operational serivce, just over two years ago now. The helecopter that was evacuating him and his men exploded in mid air. No one survived.

Oh.. I had heard that he was dead…

But actually it's his widow who I'm trying to find. I don't suppose that you could give me Captain Rowland's last known address?

I'm sorry but I'm not authorised to give out that kind of information to a civillian. Not without authorisation anyway.

You can allways put in a request to the Ministry of Defence and try the administrative route.

I see. Well, thanks all the same, Major.

It's incredable! I've got to report this…

Guard house? This is Major Calhoun. Give me the Sergeant, on the double!

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