XIII - Where The Indian's Going..., Page 47

The weapon of a professional, your honour. The use of a silencer indicates premeditation.

I managed to knock him out using the statue just as he shot me. He seemed to have lost his mind.

He and his father hadn't seen each other for six years. Jeremy had never forgiven him for his marriage or joining the army.

He is one of the heroes that make this country great. I've nothing more to add.

He was such a kind young man but maybe this stupid war did something to his spirit…

A proper savage, Judge. Just look at this scar!

He was looking for a lake near Mountville, Kellownee lake.

In the enlargement you could see a little house under the pines.

I immediately notified my opposite number in Mountville but we couldn't identify his accomplices in the helicopter.

He was holding this .38 smith and western in his hand when we found him. I don't know who owns the property.

The final witness, a certain Colonel Amos, was notified in the press, your honour, but he has not attended.

Duly noted. Does the accused have anything to say before the closing arguments?

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