Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 10

Your decision is correct, friends. You will not regret it.

There is something that worries me… this! I have been informed that this emblem appears on your vehicles. What does it mean there on earth?

It is the badge of CITRÖEN, the company that made our cars.Wwhy is it here as well?

They are the two symbolic chevrons of our empire. I can't explain to myself how it also appears on earth. Is it a coincidence? Or perhaps it is that in the past some of our citizens travelled to your planet and had some contact with the CITRÖEN company, it will be necessary to investigate.

You already know FICK… He has been appointed to be your guide… nNw you can leave. We will speak extensively another time.

The First Technologist is received by the great custodian as soon as the Earthlings left.

You made me wait… Disgusting that those Foreigners are more important to everyone than a councillor of the Great Hall?

I apologize but these people have just arrived from earth and I had to explain the reasons why they have been conducted to FUMO.

The earth… I have heard of that barbarian planet where its inhabitants kill each other in cruel wars. What have you brought them here to do?

They will allow us to examine their strange cars and provide us with information about them. In return, we will provide them with some knowledge of our technology.

I don't think they are capable of assimilating anything from our science and if they learn something, they might not make good use of those teachings. they are backward and barbaric.

You are very severe with them… Maybe you resent them because I received them before you… But let's leave them. There are more important things to deal with.

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