Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 9

Follow this path. The Great Custodian awaits you.

Wait, usher!… What does this mean?

I have been here for quite some time waiting to be received by the Great Custodian. Why have you allowed those foreigners to be led before me?

I did not decide, First Technologist, it was the Great Custodian who ordered the earthlings to enter first.

So be it… okay, usher, I'll wait until you want to receive me.

He tried to hide it but the First technologist had been Upset. These foreigners should not be more important than one of the leading dignitaries.

The Great Custodian of Dynamics apologized to the five young people for having abducted them from the earth.

I receive you at the request of Empress ZAXIA. your technology has evolved in a different way than ours. We never had vehicles like those on earth and we are interested in knowing their characteristics. That is why I ask you to allow us to examine them and to inform us about them.

What if we refuse?

You will be re-dispatched immediately to the earth. We will never force you to work against your will but you will lose the great opportunity to know everything about our automobile science.

There are many things to learn here.

I vote that we stay.

And we'll even have time to have some fun.

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