Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 8

Come up, please…

To this contraption that looks like a coffee pot? And what on earth it is for?

It is a car… A;though I understand that it does not look like those prehistoric vehicles that you have on earth.

There's as much traffic as in our cities…

I would say more but perfectly organized. And our cars are infinitely superior to yours. We can assure you that here the automatic is fused with our spirit.

And what's that helmet thing you're wearing?

It broadcasts my mental orders to the micro-brain of the vehicle composed of infra-positronic cells… that's how I drive.

I think it is too early for you to fully understand my explanations… But, look, we have reached the great hall of the Great Custodian of Dynamics.

The Great Custodian is to receive you immediately.

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