Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 7

I am not authorized to give you more details. on FUMO - which is the name of our world - your natural curiosity will be satisfied by the Great Custodian of Dynamics.

And this planet… FUMO. Is it very far away? When will we get there?

We are already en route. When you were heading to this chamber we were entering subspace.

Subspace: a short cut to cover great distances at speeds much faster than that of light by traversing paths through the curvature of the universe.

A journey through the void to re-emerge in three-dimensional space.

There it is… FUMO, the end of our trip.

An envoy from our Great Custodian of Dynamics awaits you at the spaceport to lead you to his presence.

I have fulfilled my mission. Good luck and happy stay, friends!

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