Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 6

Summary: beings from the depths of our galaxy, interested in the study of automobiles, came to earth where they abducted a group of five young people from the CITRÖEN car club and their cars.

These five young people were unable to resist and they and their cars were taken on board one of the alien craft. By means of magnetic forces, the product of an advanced technological science unknown to the terrestrials, they had been dragged into a large room, depositing them on the ground without suffering the slightest damage.

This is an outrage, these people have no right to treat us like this.

Okay, man. But you can't say that it was boring…

We apologize for the forceful way we brought you aboard this ship but the circumstances…

Circumstances have nothing to do with it! This is an outrage! Tn attack on freedom.

We are sorry… and we ask your forgiveness, Now please follow me. Our Admiral awaits you.

You have been chosen from among the millions of inhabitants that populate the earth to be guests of our planet.

We need your vehicles to carry out an investigation on this means of transport that has already been overcome by our technology. Then you will be returned to earth safe and sound. And do not doubt that the inconvenience we cause you will be duly compensated.

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