Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 13

I already told you that on FUMO the car is fused with our spirit. Therefore, our vehicles are built according to the particular wishes of those who must drive them.

That's great… Although it must be complicated making them that way.

Absolutely. Follow me and I will show you.

At this moment, that person is creating the different parts of his future vehicle according to his mental image of it.

Their brain waves are amplified. Their psyche and subconscious desires are analyzed. Then all that data is shuffled on that computer…

And here you have the result: the fully finished vehicle.


Perfect! It is precisely the model that I had dreamed of.

As the vehicle has been built according to the mental and psychic image of its owner, it will be as if it were an extension of their body and spirit.

With cars built this way there would be no problems, they would completely express your identity.

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