Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 14

Later FICK led the Earthlings to a large building.

This is the special school for higher automotive studies… Here the Great Custodian of Dynamics wishes you to follow a crash course in applied automotive training.

However, the First Technologist of the empire has a different opinion.

A planet divided into dozens of states that fail to understand each other. A barbarian world where the last great war cost more than fifty million human lives.

The earth… A place populated by homicidal madmen. It is these people to whom the great custodian intends to teach our technology… well, I will prevent it!

The first technologist goes to present his point of view before the supreme authority of Empress ZAIXA of FUMO.

Your reasons are powerful. But I have already authorized the great custodian to go ahead with the project. he will have already analyzed the disadvantages and the advantages.

But if he was wrong, the earth could not be saved, your Majesty.

The Great Custodian never acts lightly… However, your words have cast doubt on me… I will reconsider the situation… you can withdraw.

Yes Supreme Majesty.

Supreme <ajesty…

Great Custodian: The First Technologist has given me additional information on earth. This makes me think that maybe it makes me think that it might not be convenient to go ahead with your project.

I'm afraid these people are not up to the task. The history of the earth shows that its inhabitants are not fit to receive technological teachings that will surely be misused.

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