Comicitroen - Comicitroen, Page 15

Despite the objections of Empress ZAZIA, the Great Custodian of Dynamics tries to prevent his project from being cancelled.

Those young people are to be trusted. When they were before me, I took it upon myself to probe their minds. They are healthy young people. I answer for them.

Their backward technology will prevent them from discerning what they should or should not communicate to the scientists of the earth.

Their vehicles have already been tested and, despite their simplicity, they are excellently prepared for the performance expected of them. and I can prove it to you if you authorize the celebration of an Infernal Circuit.

What you propose is enormously risky for those Earthlings… they could die.

I have faith in them and their vehicles.

The Infernal Circuit is not a child's game. There will be unpredictable traps. You will have to perform dangerous manoeuvres. A single failure and it will cost you your life.

We know that our cars are very capable but what if these tests are simply impossible?

There is no need for fear: it will be played fair. None of the tests will be above the real capacity of your vehicles. What do you answer?

We'll do it... won't we my friends?

Count me in!

I'm not easily scared.

We know our cars and what they can do!

And it'll be really exciting

It's the day of the life threatening car test and hundreds of thousands of citizens of the empire have gathered in the Infernal Circuit arena.

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