Spirou - The Dream Machine, Page 36

Hello, control? Yeah, this is 716! I'm stationed outside the Fantasio residence. Nope, nothing to report.

No movement, no lights, nothing…

Just waiting to be relieved! Ha ha ha! Ain't it just!

Oops! That would really give the game away!


The answer phone. There's a message!


It's Fantasio! Just to let you know that I got your message.


I couldn't get you on the number you gave me.

Damn, the mobile! I left it on the bike! Still not used to those things!

I'm going to suggest somewhere you can meet me, but I won't be able to get there for a while. Write this down… are you ready, you'll be surprised!

After what's happened lately nothing would be surprising!

Be-bip! Be-bip!

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