Spirou - The Dream Machine, Page 37


Where's he gone? He must be starving by now….

Well, if even he's avoiding me then the only thing… Oh, and… It's not time to be playing hide-and-seek.

Be-bip! Be-bib!

I'm off! I've got somewhere to be. If we don't see each other again, find yourself a companion of your own species,

The human race isn't very friendly.

Be-bip! Be-bip!

This is the bike… But that means… The fugitive… He must be…

Welcome to your voicemail. You have 'one' new message.

What the…

The local patrolman! The way things are going he's going to shoot me without a warning!

Damn! Not loaded!

Comfortable but still powerful. I preferred the other one.

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