Spirou - The Dream Machine, Page 7


Evening! It's me!

Is Fantasio there?


A woman. And one that can ring at this time of night and say "it's me"!



Ah! It's only you, Seccotine. What can I do for you?

First of all you can stop using that ridiculous nickname…

And then you can agree to take my place at a meeting tomorrow.

Nope. 'fraid not. You know I'd do anything for you but that's just not possible: Tomorrow I'm going to be, err… at a conference in Bali!

But I do happen to know someone who, after he's taken me to the airport, might be able to…

I see. I'm nearly out of units on this card so I've got to go. I'll sort something out…

Chatty eh?! Is that your moped over there?

Have you ever wanted to have a ride on a real motor bike?


Nice of you to ask! The keys and my address are on the scooter, you can drop it off home for me!

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