XIII - Red Alert, Page 10

The mosquitoes keeping you awake?

You too by the look of things. So what's in this Jason Fly File then, Jones?

Are you sure you want to talk about this now? Anyway I barely read the file….

I can't really remember what's in there, certainly not with any detail.

I think you're lying, Lieutenant. You've always had a memory like a computer.

Even so you're probably right. I shouldn't really have asked you that question. You'd be talking about someone I've never met.

The name "Jason Fly" doesn't stir anything in me… There's still just that ever-present white wall… I don't feel any more like him than I have done as "Ross Tanner", "Steve Rowland", "Jake Shelton", or "Alan Smith"…*

* See the previous books.

I feel like I'm… No one. Nothing but a number…

The number XIII…

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