XIII - Red Alert, Page 17

Have you worked out where we are yet?

I think so, yes. It was a stroke of luck that someone left a torch and a map in the glove box of this rotten heap.

Further down here we should join a secondary road that will link us up to the main road about 280 klics from the capital, San Miguel.

There's no way we're going there. Anyway we don't have the gas to get that far.

After what happened at the village we're bound to have the local police after us. Or, worse that that, Colonel Mc Call. Find something else, Lieutenant.

There is a plantation marked on here about 20 clicks away… The "Plantation Preseau".

Preseau? I know that name!

That's to say everyone out here knows it. He's a Frenchman, proper old school colonial known as The Marquis or something. He's got several thousand hectares of banana plantations in this area.

Rumour has it that he's got a huge hacienda with a private airport and even his own executive jet…


Brush your hair and powder your noses, my lovelies: We're going to pay The Marquis of Preseau a courtesy call.

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