XIII - Red Alert, Page 18

No sudden movements, General Carrington!

General Standwell, here, will not hesitate to shoot you if you try anything on.

Calvin Wax! If you are the one behind all this…

I strongly urge you to set me free immediately and take me to the President! You havn't hear the last of this by any means, Wax!

Sorry, General, but you're going to be staying here, in secret, until the end of the investigation. We're here on official buisness.

What enquiry? What am I being accused of?

Whilst searching the house of Crooks, the man who tried to assassinate Senator Sheridan, our agents found documents that formally implicate YOU as one of the organisers of the attempt. You, Heideger, Longman, Donnelly and several others.

But it gets better… We also have proof that YOU were also behind the assassination of President Sheridan. You had him killed by an agent recruited by Admiral Heideger, a certain Jason Fly, currently on the run with your Aide de Camp, Lieutenant Jones.

We found all this, and more, in Judge Allenby's files after you sloppily had him killed BY YOUR OWN DAUGHTER*, another of Heideger's agents. You had Fly's face altered by plastic surgery to give hime the identity of one of your offiers missing in action. Then, after he had completed his mission, you his him under another assumed name in one of your Central American training camps after breaking him out of Plain Rock.**

* See SPADS.

** See All the Tears of Hell.

As far as you're concerned there's little choice, General Carrington. You're going to be exposed, publicly tried and you'll go to THE ELECTRIC CHAIR!

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