XIII - Red Alert, Page 19

Well done, Wax, please accept my compliments. That's the best piece of underhanded political intrigue since the Nazi's set fire to the Reichstag in 1933.*

* Under Hitler's orders, and blamed on his Communist opponents.

And how does Galbrain fit into all this? I wouldn't have said he was capable of anything this Machevellian. Every one knows that our brave president is just a puppet with you pulling the strings. He says and does exactly what you tell him to do.

So it must be YOU that masterminded the assassination of William Sheridan in order for Galbrain to take office. And now you're dropping the pretence, in your ridiculous tattooed farce YOU ARE NUMBER I!

Interesting, anymore to come?

Anymore? You're finally very close to your goal of absolute power. Now that you have got rid of the few little irratations, like me, that could have stopped you. And in order to do that you only had one option…

To find a pretext to declare a STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY during FULL RED ALERT. In other words when the army, under cover of the manoeuvres, have control of the country's major nerve centres. But in order to do that you would have to have had yourself named as Pat Donnelly's replacement as Secretary of State for Defence.

That happened this morning.

Well, well. As for me, I guess that I've been replaced as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs by General Standwell here. Bill "Butcher" Standwell, Standwell the Butcher… The man who is, single handledly responsibly for the death of more civilians during the last war than our entire armed forces over their illustrious 200 year history. A very subtle choice, I must say.

What number are you in this club of tattooed freaks, Butcher? Number II? Number III? Oh well, what does it matter… Whatever number you are you'll never be more than hired muscle.

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