XIII - Red Alert, Page 20

You'll be singing a totally different tune when you've got 10,000 volts up your ass, Carrington.

That'll do, Standwell! Get a hold of yourself.

You seem to have forgotten one small detail in your grand plans, gentlemen…

This country has a strong democratic tradition. The people will never let you get away with this.

That's where you're wrong, General. The good people agree with us.

The "good" people? I see… you've got this all sewn up haven't you.

We don't need to sew anything up. You would be surprised how many people have had enough of seeing our country, in the name of our democratic tradition, make its self look ridiculous on a political and economic level in the world's eyes.

We simply want to become a STRONG country again, and we're not afraid of hiding it.

It's an old song, Wax, and one I've heard many times. Hands on in Latin America, military occupation of the Middle Eastern oil producers, etc, etc…. And do you think the Russians will let you get away with this?

Of course. Because by then Moscow and Peking will have ceased to exist!

WORLD WAR III! Good God, Wax. You and your beribboned butcher are crazier than even I thought possible.

This time you've gone too far, Carrington!


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