XIII - Red Alert, Page 21

I've been waiting for ages to shut his mouth for good…

Are you mad, Bill!? We still need him.

Well, Well. I'm curious to know why?

Just a matter of formalities, Carrington. We need you to sign your testimonies saying that you organised the assassination of President Sheridan, with the aid of Heideger, Donnelly, Longman and a few others names that we'll give you.

Is that all? And why do you think that I'm going to sign anything like that?

Lust for live. One you've signed these documents you will "escape" and I'll arrange for you to get to Europe, with your daughter of course.

Well that does bear thinking about…

Don't think about it too long. Life is short.

You're right there, Butcher: I've made my decision!

I'm not signing anything for you, but the escape part sounds good. Hurry up and get that door open, while you still can, Wax!


Don't be stupid, Carrington. How far do you think you're going to get?

As far as your car for starters, I'll improvise after that.

Aaahhhh! My eye. That… That bastard burnt my eye!…

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