XIII - Red Alert, Page 22

I'd get out of the way, if I were you, or you'll be changing Defence Secretary for the second time today.

Don't listen to him, seize him! His gun isn't even loaded.

You're bluffing, Wax.

You're the one with your finger on the trigger, General.


Untrustworthy, double crossing bastard!

Let's just say that I know all about your penchant for John Wayne heroics and I'm not one to leave things to chance… Double the guard and put him well out of the way, Lieutenant. And take General Standwell to the infirmary.

Yes, Sir!

Of course my proposition is still open. But next time we speak I will have taken control of the country. And don't go thinking that anything will stop me. Aurevoir, General.

Belote, Rebelot and ten for last card!

Congratulations, Betty: You've won another game!

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