XIII - Red Alert, Page 23

You seem to have picked up the finer points of this game very quickly, my girl. You truly are enchanting.

You certainly aren't a bad looser, yourself.

How could I be when this little escapade has given me the joy of making your acquaintance? You could say I'm delighted, my dear Betty.

You're making me blush, Monsieur le Marquis.

Call me Armand, please.

Do you see, Betty, my existence has become so monotonous since the death of my dear wife. The plantation practically works by its self, I've got all the money I need and I'm too old for… In short, I'm bored.

Or rather I was bored until tonight when you, and your friends, turned up like wild west bandits, raided my kitchens and wardrobes and forced me to accompany you in my own jet in order to get clearance from air traffic. But also so that I can return in it, which I appreciate.

Our Government will reimburse you, Monsieur le Mar… Sorry… Armand.

No question of that, my dear. All this has been a welcome distraction and… Well that Chanel suit of my poor Anne-Francoise suits you so well.

Armand, I don't know… I'm feeling a little intimidated here… Shall we have another game?

I doubt if we'll have the time, cheri. According to my watch we will be running out of fuel soon.

What are we doing Lieutenant?

What one normally does in this situation: we're landing. Go back there and ask our two love birds to put their seat belts on.

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