XIII - Red Alert, Page 26


I rang his direct line but the only person there was Colonel Merril, his Operational Assistant, who said that Carrington was "currently unavailable"…

What do you mean "currently unavailable"?

I don't know either. Merril probably recognised my voice and he sounded a bit edgy. As if there were other people in the room and he was trying to warn me. Well whatever it was, something's not right.

So what are we doing now?

We don't have much choice: We've got to press on to Washington. I hope you haven't forgotten your credit cards?

I thought that it was traditionally the man who bought the car for the woman… what do you want me to think of you, XIII? That you are a gigolo?

It must be my inner self coming to the surface. How far are we from Washington?

About 1,750 miles. It'll take about 30 hours if we drive in shifts. And if we don't run into any more Police trouble.

If we're in that much of a hurry, why don't we take the plane, like everyone else?

Well, that would be all well and good, Sergeant Barnowsky, but in this country I'm wanted by the law under a name you might recognise: Steve Rowland.


* See All the Tears of Hell.

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