XIII - Red Alert, Page 27

That's it, we've got them now!

After escaping McCall's trap, they kidnapped the owner of a banana plantation and took his private jet… They landed here, right at the limit of their fuel range…

They then stole a police car before buying a second hand Camaro Z28 in a town called Sand Creek. There they also tried to contact Carrington from a phone booth. The police are currently looking out for them.

It's imperative they they are not arrested…

Can you imagine what would happen if they got a chance to tell what they know? Especially that Baranowsky slut! Call the police off, Bill. We've got to let them get to Washington, Bill.


If we let them get here they're going to find out about the arrest of Carrington and the others and they're going to go straight to the press…

That's unless they don't have the time.

Send word to your Chiefs of Staff, Gneral Standwell: On The President's orders, TOTAL RED ALERT HAS BEEN ADVANCED BY 24 HOURS!


Wake up back there! I don't quite know how but we've made it.

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