XIII - Red Alert, Page 28

I'm still not quite sure how… Hang on, isn't this the middle of the black district?

Right in the very heart of it. Carrington had me rent a house here under an assumed name to give me a safe house, should the need arrise.

But why here?

Haven't you noticed the color of my skin, XIII? I spent my childhood in a neighbourhood like this.

Your childhood? It's funny but I can't really imagine you as a little girl, Jones.

It wasn't all that long ago. And, unlike you, I can remember it all too well.



Ah, you're here…

Colonel Amos!? But… What on earth are you doing here!?

Waiting for you. For three days. There have been quite a few unfortunate developments whilst you were on the road. But I'll explain all that whilst we travel.

Who's this guy then?

Oh, just an old friend who has a habit of always turning up where you least expect him…

Whist we travel? Where are we… going?

To the only person left who can help us save out democracy.

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