XIII - Red Alert, Page 29

That's got to be one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories I have ever heard.

However, certain of my father's papers that I now posses, seem to corroborate what Colonel Amos has previously told me and I'm forced into believing it. So the people responsible for assisting my brother are the same people currently trying to turn this country into a dictatorship… It's abominable!

Don't forget the attempt on your own life.

Let me assure you Colonel Amos, there's not much chance of me forgetting that. Especially as it seems that failed attempt has allowed the investigators, probably in all good faith, to unearth the "proof" of the accusations made against Carrington and our other friends.

This Calvin Wax sounds like a nasty piece of work: He's fitting up those capable of resisting his grab for power for his own crimes. That worthy of a Stalin or Hitler.

There's still you left, Senator Sheridan. You, he missed.

You are the only person capable of convincing Persident Galbrain, with the proof we have here, to overrule Wax and call off TOTAL RED ALERT. Failing that we will have to alert the press, and unleash a massive scandal.

That's no longer possible, I'm afraid, Colonel.

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