XIII - Red Alert, Page 30

I only found out myself when I left hospital: Using his authority as the new Defense Secretary, he has advanced TOTAL RED ALERT by 24 hours. Even as we speak The President is on route for SSH1\ (). He will be staying there for the duration of the Manoeuveres.


But that ruins everything!

It's obviously too late to tell the press now, but we still have one option left open to us: We have to present our evidence to The President in person!



I… I suppose that our evidence is me?

You are our trump card, Sergeant. You will obviously have to accompany me.

You ALL will be accompanying me.

Aren't we rather rushing into the lion's den?! Not only that, how are we going to get into SSH1? It's the best guarded installation in the country…

I think I can help us with that one. I happen to know SSH1 quite well as I visited it several times whilst my brother was President. But I'm not discounting the risks we're running. Are you ready to face them?

What do you think we have been doing since the beginning of this affair, Senator?

You'r right, I'm sorry. Especially you, if I understand right. It's a shame you have lost your memory Mr… Fly. I would have liked to know what my father offered you to persuade you to put your life on the line.

You are not the only one asking that question, Senator Sheridan. But we are not going to find any answers sat here. So what is your plan?

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