XIII - Red Alert, Page 38

Lets's just hope it ends well. I would seem that the A team are having problems.

What's going on sown there, Sergeant? Come in…

Enter stage left the B team. Played tonight by Lieutenant Jones…

This is Security One! Come in Sergeant Grayson!

…Who is appearing tonight as a nurse from the White House medical staff. All this does seem a bit ridiculous.

Security One to Section C: We have an situation in the car park on level A. I repeat…

But it's so ridiculous that it might just work. It always does in the movies at any rate!

We have a situa…

What's going on, Calvin?

Senator Sheridan is insisting on a private meeting with you, urgently. He says that it's a matter of national security. I thought it best for him to wait in your personal apartment.

You are not to let anyone in for any reason. Understood?

Yes, Sir!

Do you have any idea what this is about?

You'll find out for yourself in a moment, Mr. President.

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