XIII - Red Alert, Page 39

Come in, Mr. President, we've waited for you.


Clavin! If this little scene is part of your war games I'm failing to see the funny side of it.

Sorry, Joe, but this is no game, this is for real. Please go and sit down at your desk.

Did you hear him, Galrain? SIT!


Have… Have you lost your mind, Colonel!? I'll… I'll have you court marshaled for this…

You'll do nothing of the sort. The only thing you are going to do is go down in history as a foot note!

To save you wasting you time, may I remid you that this door is the only way out of this room, which is armoured. and electronically locked from the outside. Ther is no point shouting for help either as the room is sound proofed.

You will also find that your telephone and video links seem to be temporarily out of order. Goodbye, Mr President.

What's going on here, Wally? Am I having a bad dream or something?

MmmmmH… MmmmmH…

Oh! Of course, excuse me…

What's going on is that we are 170 meters below ground, completely cut off from the outside world, CAUGHT IN THE WORST TRAP IMAGINABLE!


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