XIII - Red Alert, Page 40

Nothing! That bastard was right. But why, for God's sake!? And why are you involved in all this, Wally? And who the hell are those two over there?

That's a long story, Joe. A very long story and the final act is only just beginning as we speak…

I don't know how much time we've got to fill you in.

I'm sorry, Nurse, but I can't let you in like this. In any case The President has left the Operations Room.

I't just that… I've got to find the President, it's time for his injection.

Well just because it's you… He is down in his apartment with Minister Wax. Level G.

Oh.. OK, thank you.

Mmm… Very nice! Glabrain's certainly not lost it in his old age, has he?

Tough job, being The President. But it certainly has it's perks!

That was too close! It can't be long before they discover my "mate" in the boot of…

Pssst, Jones…

In here, quick!


XIII!? What the hell are you doing here?

Waiting for you. McCall's got the others. Do you know where The President is?

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