XIII - Red Alert, Page 42

I don't think I quite follow you… Clavin Wax masterminded the assassination of President Sheridan…

And is Number I in the conspiracy trying to establish a right wing dictatorship in this country. I don't suppose you can argue with things as they stand, Sir.

I've been completely manipulated by that scum!… He's played me for a fool!… A simple puppet!… I can't believe it!…

If it is any consolation, you will enter the history books in the same manner as Sheridan, Kennedy, McKinley, Garfield and Abraham Lincoln.

What… What are you trying to say?

That assassinating you after you got into power has probably always been part of Wax's plan, Sir. This would be the perfect pretext to declare a state of emergency in order to take control of the wheels of power.

Not only that. After disposing of Carrington and Heideger in the same stroke, Wax now has the only people who know the truth. And it was me, like a fool, who delivered them to him on a plate.

Aren't you forgetting your Number XIII… This Jason Fly…

What do you think he can do on his own against them? And even if he does make it through, he is nothing more than an amnesiac criminel on the run. Without proof no one will listen to him.

Well done, Senator!

But he won't make it through and I must thank you for giving us the ideal chance to make some history: The only person who has ever assassinated TWO Presidents, Ha! Ha! Ha!

Colonel Mc Call, I order you to…

Save your breath for your saying your prayers, Galbrain. In three minutes the whole of Level G will be reduced to rubble!

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